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In this economy, ‘do it yourself’ has become one of the best ways to keep your home looking good, but without sacrificing your hard earned money in the bank. In this article I will talk you through a few good ways to making sure your project looks its best, some hidden gems to get your supplies from and I will also talk about some slightly trickier painting projects.

You have probably noticed that we are big on home painting in Toronto, we absolutely love our DIY (as I will discuss a bit later), so here are some simple tips for ensuring your project turns out how you want it to. Firstly, stick to simple colours. Complicated colour schemes are not easy to pull off if you are doing them by yourself. Second, do not be afraid to use a contractor for specialist painting, there are a lot of companies offering home painting in Toronto, if you are not sure you can do the job, it is best to get a professional to do it.

When home painting on a budget, you often have to choose which rooms to spend your money on. I would say that the most important are the bedroom and the living room, they are the most used rooms in the house, and your home will feel much better. They are also the rooms that are easiest to paint (no tricky brush strokes around ovens or taps!), so offer a quick reward for your home painting efforts.

As I mentioned earlier, people home painting in Toronto have one of the most active DIY communities in the world at their fingertips. There are lots of little, specialist shops spread all over the city. Do not just restrict yourself to getting your paint from these places though, go to specialist knitting shops and look for inspiration – talk to people, ask what colour schemes they think work together.

If you are considering ceiling painting, you probably know it is something people often struggle with getting a good finish on. This is where I would advocate getting a specialist ceiling painter in Toronto to do the job.

Most people trying to do spray painting in Toronto may be lost for where to start – have a look online and you will find numerous spray painting rental suppliers in Toronto at really good, cost effective prices. Rona, Home Depot and Lowes offer rental spray painting machines will all the necessary accessories you will need to paint your kitchen cabinet doors or basement. This is a really good way to get a consistent layer of paint and difficult surfaces to paint quickly become much easier.

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