How to save money on Bathroom renovation Toronto

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The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that will need redoing more frequently than many other rooms. Not only is it used multiple times a day by multiple people, it also has the heaviest wear of the rooms (apart from the kitchen). Obviously, bathroom renovation can get very expensive (especially in Toronto), but do not fear, I am here to give you some tips, and some practical examples of how this financially challenging time can be made much easier on your wallet.

Here is my top three money saving tips for bathroom renovation in Toronto. Firstly, never replace something just because it is looking a bit worn out (but, if it is leaking – maybe it is time to get a new one). You can easily find companies that will renovate everything for you, from cupboards to sinks. Secondly, add color to spruce up your bathroom, instead of painting. If you have a white bathroom for example, painting the entire thing white again could be expensive and time consuming, instead, add a little contrast with some red flowers and red towels, and you will quickly see the improvements. Finally, never buy new stuff for your bathroom – if you are looking at bathroom renovation in Toronto, you have an absolute goldmine of used parts, used furniture and used fittings at your disposal. Tap into your local second hand shops and see the variety on offer, at bargain prices!

If you want to see the biggest impact, but at the lowest prices, here are the two things you should be focusing on.

Firstly, the bathtub. It is the main feature of the bathroom (hence the name!), and it is the easiest to spruce up a bit. There are lots of shops offering bathtub painting in Toronto, and you will find their prices are much bank friendly than buying a new tub. A new colour will make the tub a central feature of the room, but doing the same colour can be great for making the room feel fresher.

The second thing you should focus on is the floor. Often overlooked, a decent floor is not expensive, and can really make a room look well put together. Vinyl flooring is the best way to go to save money, and you can find lots of companies offering vinyl flooring in Toronto. It is the cheapest material to use, but the effects can look just as good as the real thing.

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